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The trap of self-delusion - Ben Dror Yemini nrg 20/4/2007

The various documents (Draft Constitution & The Vision Document) contain ideas that not only deserve to be discussed, but also to be adopted. But the opposing elements, like the refusal to recognize the right of the Jews to self-determination, like the demand for the right to a veto, like disclaiming any responsibility and placing all the blame on Israel - make any progress difficult. They create the impression that, rather than fighting to obtain rights (for Arabs), you are fighting to deny rights (of Jews). The words are liberal, but the melody belongs to the elements calling for elimination of the Zionist entity. So don't be surprised if a decisive Jewish majority has no desire to talk about it.


The pullout will pull no heart strings - Nir Hasson Ha'aretz 8.2.05

"A year from now, a settler from Netzarim may wake up in her Rishon Letzion apartment and look at her children and be happy that they all came out safely and they are no longer wetting their bed out of fear of the mortar shells."


A new movement in the shadows - Yair Sheleg Ha'aretz 30.11.04

Tnufa, a new social action group, will soon start preparing critiques on the operation of various government ministries and local authorities.


There's no such thing as conditional democracy - Yuval Cherlow Ha'aretz 9.7.04

In terms of religion, this is a view that settlement in Eretz Israel is not being carried out in the name of all of the Jews, but in the name of the individual desire to settle there on the religious Zionist scale of values, the existence of the state as a sovereign entity is one of the essential foundations, and dismantling the political framework ostensibly in order to preserve Greater Israel is an act of foolishness.


Disengaging from fanaticism - Bambi Sheleg Maariv 7.6.04

Israeli politics has entered a tunnel. The end is not yet clearly visible but the tunnel leads away from fanatical positions.


The real post-Zionists - Daniel Ben Simon Haaretz,10.5.04

The Jewish settlers in the territories replaced loyalty to the state with loyalty to the Torah. Today it can be said with certainty that there is hardly any discourse between the secular public and the Jewish settlers in the territories that is based on rational arguments. In a desperate attempt to convince the settlers, their secular interlocutors warn them about the loss of the Jewish majority and the danger to democracy. The trouble is that these arguments arouse scorn among the settlers. All the talk about demography and democracy and human rights looks like nonsense to those who have sworn loyalty to the Torah of Israel.


Time to listen to the sane middle - Amnon Rubinstein Haartz 11.4.04

On the face of it, these two religious orders are different in terms of the strength they possess. The settlers are a mighty semi-military political force, which has changed Israel's status and fate. In contrast, the anti-Israeli propagandists in the universities are a small minority lacking political influence. However, this is a deceptive impression, because this minority also has power: the power to weaken the Zionist left (which, in its cowardice, does not dissociate itself from them), to bolster the right and to undermine even further Israel's status in the international community.



The task of the ethicist - Sefi Rachlevsky Haaretz,7.3.04

Contrary to the view espoused by the philosopher Asa Kasher ("Those who cry with one eye," Haaretz, Feb. 29), the occupation is not a matter of a Palestinian "narrative." The occupation is not a story of one side or a story of another side. The occupation is a fact.


Telling left from right - Aviv Lavie Ha'aretz 29.1.04

Left-wingers were never liked, but now they are considered a liability.


Who's in favor of annihilating Israel? - Yoel Esteron Ha'aretz 28.11.03

The most venomous and dangerous attack on the State of Israel's right to exist hails from New York, of all places.


Jews out of Palestine - Amnon Rubinstein Ha'aretz 26.11.03

According to Jewish philosopher Emil Fackenheim, Jew hatred has three stages. In the first stage, the message is you can't live among us as Jews; in the second, it's you can't live among us; and in the third, it's you can't live. The first stage is coerced conversion, the second is expulsion and the third is destruction.

The message of the fourth stage is you can't live in your own country.


A legal fence for the state - Avraham Tal Ha'aretz 11.8.03

Arguments used to justify a law revoking the interior minister's authority to confer citizenship to Palestinians from the territories under the Law of Citizenship have been based on security rationale: Palestinians who became Israeli citizens or who received permanent residence status were involved in, or suspected of, acts harmful to state security. Such use of security rationale to warrant a law of principle is erroneous, and not only because the number of cases in which state security was damaged by Palestinians who became citizens was limited.


The right of return to ourselves - Doron Rosenblum Ha'aretz 4.7.03

The jumbo advertisements launching the peace campaign of Ami Ayalon and Sari Nusseibeh may look, at first glance, like a cross between Shari Arison's New Age manifestos and a commercial for Dockers pants, tailored to fit both bushy haired Arabs and bald Jews. But it is hard not to welcome this initiative, which defines the inevitable with such clarity: separation between the peoples and sweeping concessions on both sides.


On anti-Semitism, suicide bombers and a sick Israel - Anat Cygielman Ha'aretz 26.5.03

A conversation with French philosopher, columnist and writer Bernard-Henri Levy.


Judaism: Not solely for Haredim - Joseph Dan Haaretz 30.3.03

the major problem haunting us for many years: the fictitious connection between Judaism and Orthodoxy.


One man's fence is another man's prison - Daniel Ben Simon Ha'aretz 21.3.03

While the Jewish public views the separation fence as a security measure, the Palestinians of Zeita and nearby villages fear it will mean starvation. They predict it won't be long before Palestinian workers will sacrifice their lives in order to break through it.


Only in Israel, the land of our forefathers - Israel Harel Ha'aretz 6.3.03

...more and more key people in the free professions as well as in the security establishment are declaring their difficulty in explaining to their offspring why they should stay in Israel. They also admit that if their children do leave Israel, it is doubtful that their grandchildren will be Jewish.


Bauer: It could happen here - Orly Halpern Ha'aretz 26.2.03

"What we have here between the Israelis and the Palestinians is an armed conflict - if one side becomes stronger there is a chance of genocide," Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer told a group of visiting Danes in Jerusalem last week. "Fortunately," the 77-year-old doyen of Holocaust scholars continued, "both sides are very strong and good at killing each other so you realize you can't get rid of each other and must come to some sort of political solution."


New frontiers - Vered Levy-Barzilai Ha'aretz 20.12.02

So this is Merhav Am, a year-old "temporary camp" that is going to become a settlement of the religious Zionist movement in the Negev.


Still drunk with power - Shulamit Aloni Ha'aretz 13.12.02

The War of Independence ended in April 1949. Israel signed armistice agreements with each of the countries that fought against it, and the borders were set. The last to sign was Jordan, and the Green Line was set as the border


The never-ending enterprise - Meron Benbenisti Ha'aretz 21.11.02

the struggle is going to end in a tie in the short run, and in a Palestinian victory in the long run, because the physical space is filling up, running out, and has ceased functioning as the critical element. Instead, demography rules.


Between the Palestinian egg and the anti-Semitic chicken - Eliahu Salpeter Ha'aretz 25.9.02


The new discovery of the secular believer - Dalia Shehori Ha'aretz 13.9.02

When they took part in a study on Jewish identity, students at Ruppin College came up with a term to describe themselves - "secular believer." Most of them - 91 percent - defined themselves as secular, and 10 percent of this group described themselves as "anti-religious secular."


Wombs in the service of the state - Gideon Levy Ha'aretz 9.9.02

The Arabs in Israel will be neither a "problem" nor a "demographic demon" if the attitude toward them is fair and egalitarian.


The other Israelis - Yossi Klein Ha'aretz 5.7.02

Caught between Arabism and Israeliness, Umm al-Fahm's citizens are discovering religion, which seems to provide an answer for their ideological distress


A patch on the Law of Return Ha'aretz 25.6.02

Israel's unique ethno-cultural, Jewish character are basic values of Zionism, but the state must do whatever possible to make sure those values do not conflict with general liberal, humanist values.


Zionist pigeonholes won't fit - Aryeh Dayan Haaretz 11.6.02


The ambivalence of Israel's Arab citizens - Amnon Rubinstein Haaretz 4.6.02


Divide the land or divide democracy - Yuli Tamir Haaretz 14.4.02

The future of the State of Israel lies in the expanse of territory between the post-Zionism of Azmi Bishara MK and the messianic Zionism of Minister Effi Eitam.


Expanding the boundaries of consensus - Yael (Yuli) Tamir Ha'aretz 8.2.02

Dialogue as a way of life


Step back and rethink who we are - Tzvia Greenfield Haaretz 27.1.02

Israel itself will split into two or three sub-states - one for each seething and surging population group, none of which can abide the others anymore.


The Kinneret Laundromat - Avirama Golan Ha'aretz 18.1.02

The Kinneret document is a grand laundromat of words with a megalomaniacal tone: "We have gathered here"... In whose name? The document erodes the three foundations of consensus in Israeli society: the democratic system, the civil worldview and the Zionist principle


A state of mind - Vered Levy-Barzilai Haaretz 4.1.02