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It's time for real disengagement

The attempt to control Gaza from outside, via its residents' diet and shopping lists, casts a heavy moral stain on Israel and increases its international isolation.


Predictable Israeli fiasco

Just like we do not impose a blockade on Syria or on Lebanon, we shall know where the limits of our power lie, and when we choose to use it, we wont do it with one hand tied behind our back. Meanwhile, it would also be good to make President Obama aware of where his policy is leading to.



Predictable Israeli fiasco

By Avi Trengo, Ynet, 5.31.10

The Gaza-bound protestors would not dare behave that way vis-à-vis the Turkish, American, or even Italian Navy. Despite Israels immense power, the Jewish State repeatedly finds itself in situations where it refrains from using its force wisely.

 In a previous article, I urged Defense Minister Ehud Barak to weigh his steps carefully and utilize the Gaza flotilla in order to secure a diplomatic achievement: End what is mistakenly referred to as the Israeli occupation of Gaza. However, Barak was too arrogant. He thought he could have the cake and eat it too, thereby ordering the IDF to adopt an impossible policy: Stopping the flotilla using force, while doing it without using force. We see the result before us now.

 So how would any other navy enforce a naval blockade? First, a clear warning in English: Turn back or we shall fire. Next, A shot across the bow a last warning to show the seriousness of our intentions. Finally, firing at the vessels propeller, in a bid to paralyze the ships sailing and steering capabilities.

Only then, and only after allowing the ship to be tossed from side to side under the sun, the time would come for taking over the vessel using massive force: Clearing away the decks using water hoses, splashing oil on its windows, ramming into the vessel, and finally staging the takeover.

This is how any self-respecting Navy would conduct itself. However, there is only one problem here: The utilization of force and fire, which is precisely what Barak wanted to avoid. He feared the images, and therefore ordered the takeover to get underway at early morning hours, much before the ships crossed into Gazas territorial waters.

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It's time for real disengagement

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz, 2.6.10

The "flotilla affair" offers a good opportunity to complete the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, five years after Israel withdrew. It's time to sever the last ties of the occupation and leave Hamastan to its own devices.

The attempMonday, June 07, 2010t to control Gaza from outside, via its residents' diet and shopping lists, casts a heavy moral stain on Israel and increases its international isolation. Every Israeli should be ashamed of the list of goods prepared by the Defense Ministry, which allows cinnamon and plastic buckets into Gaza, but not houseplants and coriander. It's time to find more important things for our officers and bureaucrats to do than update lists.

How could a disengagement be done? Israel would inform the international community that it is abandoning all responsibility for Gaza residents and their welfare. The Israel-Gaza border would be completely sealed, and Gaza would have to obtain supplies and medical services via the Egyptian border, or by sea. A target date would be set for severing Gaza's water and electricity systems from those of Israel. The customs union with Israel would end, and the shekel would cease to be Gaza's legal tender. Let them print their own Palestinian currency, featuring portraits of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

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